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The Prioritizing Program

As mentioned in the book, you can download this small program to your computer to help you with prioritizing lists. To unzip and save the program to your computer, click on the link below and choose "Open with" followed by Winzip or WinRar. By default, the program will unzip to (and create if necessary) a folder on your hard drive located at c:\download\prioritize. (You can have it unzip to a more convenient location if you prefer; your desktop, for example.) Once unzipped, read the instructions first, then double click on the program to run it.

If he folder where the program unzipped is not convenient for you, then use Windows Explorer to navigate to its folder, where you will find the program's executable file (named Prioritize or Prioritize.exe). Right click on the program, choose "Send To..." and then choose "Desktop". This will place a shortcut to the program on your desktop. Double-click on this shortcut to run the program, or if you like, place the shortcut in your Start menu. To do this, just drag the shortcut to the Start button, and then into any menu location you wish. This allows you to run the program simply by selecting it from the Start menu.

Get the ball rolling by clicking on this link:

Reminder: this program is for Windows machines only. It will not work on a Mac running OSX; instead, Mac users are limited to the Web-based prioritizing utility mentioned in the book and found by clicking here.


Downloading the Links

You can download a file that has links to all of the websites listed in the book.You can then load it into your web browser (using the "File/Open..." command), and click on the link you want. If you are using Firefox, then you have an even better option: you can load the file into your bookmarks folder, allowing you to access all of the sites in the book from Firefox's Bookmarks menu.

The easiest way to download the file is to click here, and after the page comes up with all of the links, choose "Save Page As" from the File menu. Save the file to a convenient location on your computer's hard drive. The default name of the file is "JHOL URLs (date).htm". The "(date)" part of the file name will tell you whether you have the most recent (which is to say, up-to-date) version of this file. At the moment, the most current file has the date 05-01-11.

Another way to download the file to is to right-click here and choose "Save Link As..." from the menu that appears. (For Macintosh users, it's slightly different: use Control-click and choose "Download Linked File As...")

If for some reason you prefer a different name for the file than its default name, then the Save Page As or Download Linked File As commands will allow you to change it.

Finally, instead of downloading the Links file, you can just click one of the links above (normal click, not right- or Control-clicking) and the file will open in a new window. It's like all of the links pages combined onto a single page. Click on the link you want, and away you go.