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Tiny URL

When publishing a book, the biggest problem is space. There is never enough of it. For Job-Hunting Online, the practical effect of this was two-fold: not only did I have to use Tiny URL in a couple of places, but I didn't have room to tell you what Tiny URL is or how it works.

Tiny URL is a website-based service that can accept a very long URL and convert it into a short one. When you click on this short URL, the Tiny URL website will take you to the web page with the long URL, or, if a feature called "previews" is enabled, you will be taken to the Tiny URL website first, where it asks you for permission to take you to the website with the long URL. In either case, it's a great help, especially if, for some reason, you are typing URLs into your web browser.

Here is an example. The CareerOneStop Occupation Profiler site listed on page 53 has this URL:

 Not only is that a pain to type into the address bar, but it takes up space in a book where space is at a premium. But by registering the site with Tiny URL, the address becomes: 

Which is much better all around. We were so tight on space I couldn't even include this explanation in the book; but now you'll know what Tiny URL is when you run into it.