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Online Testing: Personality


HumanMetrics: Jung Typology Test




The Keirsey Temperament Sorter


Career Type Descriptions


The Enneagram Institute


Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator Sample Test



Online Testing: Career Interests


Holland Codes: Wikipedia


Holland Code Quiz: Rogue Community College


The Career Interest Game


O*NET's Computerized Interest Profiler


Self-Assessment Exercise: North Carolina Career Resource Network


Target Your Interests: CareerZone


Career Briefs


The Career Values Test


Values Assessment



Articles About Researching Careers


High Earning Workers Who Don't Have a Bachelor's Degree


Top Jobs for the Future


Top 10 Jobs for People Who Don't Like People


Ten Hottest Careers for College Grads


Best Paid Careers or 10 Hottest?


Top 10 Hottest Careers List


Career Explorer's 10 Hottest Careers


Highest Paying Jobs and 10 Hottest Careers



Online Testing: Skills


Skills and Abilities


Transferable Skills


Transferable Skills Checklist: University of Wisconsin


Analyze Your Employability Skills


Skill Lists: Creative Job Search


Job Skills Checklist


Transferable Skills Survey


O*NET's Skills Search


Federal Jobs by College Major


What Can I Do with My Major?



Sidebar – Prioritizing


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Web Based Prioritizing Grid



Another Approach: The Seven Stories


CareerOneStop Skills Profiler


CareerOneStop Occupation Profiler


JOBSTAT-Job Skills Transfer Assessment Test


O*Net-Military Crosswalk Search


Military MOS Translator


CareerOneStop: My Skills, My Future


Tools and Technology Search: O*NET's T2 Database


Vocational Information Center


Bureau of Labor Statistics


The Occupational Outlook Handbook


The Career Guide to Industries