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This page contains Stuff That Would Have Been In The Book If... if the book wasn't so squeezed for space, if I had known about it before my publication date, and so on. Hopefully, you'll find some of this helpful in your job-hunt.

Scrible - Annotation and Organization on the Web

While performing research during your job hunt, you are likely to visit many different web pages, sometimes taking just a sentence or paragraph here, perhaps a statistic there. Scrible, now in public beta, is a browser add-on that allows you to highlight parts of web pages, add your own notes, and save it all for later recall. Scrible remembers what pages each of these notes and highlights belong to, and allows you to export the relevant annotations, etc. for use in other documents, along with a number of other cool features. It sounds like a nice tool for online research --- see what you think: 

Job-Hunting Apps

We're starting to see some useful apps for the job-hunter. Craig's Jobs shows you job listings on craigslist, allowing you to also apply for positions, send your resume, track positions applied for, etc. Read about it here, and get it from the iTunes store here. And there is an article with 24 iPhone apps for the job-hunter here.


As I mentioned in the book, one of the main problems with social networking is that all of the networks are completely separate. One of the effects of this is that managing your various contacts throughout the different networks can be quite a pain.Tweetdeck is a utility intended to help with managing your contacts across different networks. Versions are available for desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, and more.

Update 5/3/11 - Reports abound that Twitter, having just bought Tweetdeck, may eventually strip out functions that help people use the sites of Twitter's competitors. I think that such concerns are at least premature... as always, time will tell. 

OSCAR - The Occupation and Skill Computer-Assisted Researcher

From the Texas Workforce Commission/Career Development Resources is this skill assessment tool. The menu on this page gives you a number of angles from which to approach your skills and what sort of employment that may lead to. Like many of the web-based assessments in the book, it relies heavily on Holland codes. Better than most. 

Job Rooster

More ammo for the texting versus no texting argument. Basically, Job Rooster is a service that alerts you to job postings by text. If you live and die through your cell phone, you might want to give them a try, but unless you sign up for their premium membership level, you are limited to 6 job listings per day, and thus are unlikely to really benefit --- you have no idea what listings you are not seeing. Ah, well. More proof that job-hunting requires more than just a cell phone.  (The URL is for their FAQ page.)

Company and Industry Research at FINS

I mentioned FINS, the Wall Street Journal's job site, on page 141 of the book. The site has started to fill out more now, and I am able to point you towards more specific resources. Two good pages are the Industry Research and Company Research pages.

Industry Research at FINS:

Company Research at FINS:

Institute For Research on Labor and Employment

I usually don't like to point you to places where you are likely to get lost or lose focus; but this page is worth an exception. There are so many good research resources here that I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't make you aware of it. As I get more time, I'll try and and steer you to the most helpful places on this page; in the meantime, just be careful where you go --- take notes, and try to stay focused. You can get lost for hours, fascinated all the way.(Maybe Scrible will help --- see entry above.) 

Corporate Information - Research Links

This site is a bit deceptive; its reach is far greater than it appears at first blush. Choose from a number of industries in different countries; you are then delivered to some impressive links pages with a huge variety of resources for company research. Excellent resource.