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Smart People

The title of this page should actually be People Who Are Smarter Than Me... but then I guess I'd need a bigger website. Anyway, there's some neat stuff on this page, from some very bright people. Not all of it will be immediately helpful to everyone's work search; but there is still much wisdom and value here. See what you think.

Spend a Little Time With Richard Bolles

The official site for readers of What Color Is Your Parachute? is Job-Hunter's Bible. There, you'll find information about how you can register for Richard Bolles' Five-Day Workshop, his travel and speaking schedule, and interesting articles and resources about careers and Life/Work Planning, by and about the man who -- related or not -- is still the smartest guy I've ever known. 

The site also has an archive page of articles by this guru of the job-hunt, as well as articles by other authorities that he has hand-picked for the site. Click here to see what's available; and see the videos below.

The Twitter Trap

Readers of Job-Hunting Online can probably sense my reservations about social media and the lemming-like acceptance it currently enjoys. This thoughtful article by New York Times executive editor Bill Keller, for me, triggered another one of those "I wish I had said that" moments:

 The Twitter Trap

Geoffrey Canada Speaking at Zeitgeist

Job-hunting is intensely personal and self-oriented, and the frustration it often brings can make it difficult to look beyond our own horizons to see life's bigger picture.

But whether we see it or not, that picture exists. It is very real and affects everyone. Geoffrey Canada sees it, and he excels at making it visible for the rest of us.



Richard Bolles at ICDC 2005 - The Seven Dwarfs

Here is a talk given by Richard Bolles at the 2005 Internatioal Career Development Conference in Anaheim, California.The talk is usually referred to as "The Seven Dwarfs." Due to YouTube limits, the 49-minute talk is divided into 4 parts.