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Updates & Corrections - May 1st, 2011

Some months pass between when a manuscript is submitted for final publication and when it actually gets into the bookstores. The Internet being the Internet, there have been some changes.

Page 4 - Correction - How this slipped through I have no idea, but everybody knows that Buchanan was our fifteenth president, not the eighteenth. Always better to resolve an author's credibility issues at the beginning of the book, don't you think?

Page 5 - DHMO listing, 2nd URL

It's very unusual for Wikipedia to move a page. But they did; this one was moved to

Page 10 - Emails & Texts Sidebar

The first URL has been updated a bit to The second URL remains the same, but the page it leads to (Fonefinder) has been altered slightly. Function remains essentially the same, though; to use it, just enter area code and prefix in “Search for USA/Canadian telephone numbers” and press the Enter key.

Page 31 - Yahoo! Hotjobs

No surprise here; as expected, Hotjobs has been swallowed completely by Monster (and please forgive me the overused metaphor). Clicking on the Hotjobs URL now routes you to the Monster site.

Page 45 - O*NET's Computerized Profiler

This URL has changed slightly, to

Page 49 - What Can I Do With My Major?

New URL -

Page 54 - O*NET Military Crosswalk Search

New URL -

Page 98 - Yahoo! Groups - Business & Finance

There is no actual change here, but I wanted to point out something: see that underscore character in the URL between "Business" and "Finance"? That is actually three underscore characters in a row. Miss one of them and you'll get a page error. Weird.

Page 103 -

It appears that is taking advantage of the social networking explosion, throwing in a dash of nostalgia, and redefining themselves as Memory Useful for job-hunting? Probably not for at least a while, would be my guess; Classmates was never very high on my list to start with, and redefining the site doesn't change that for the better. If you go there, the old URL or the new Memory URL will both go to the same site.

Page 124 – Directory of Open Access Journals 

There are indications that this page may disappear in the future. If it does, try the PDF version available from

Page 131 - Thomas Global Register: Industry and Professional Organizations

The Thomas Global Register website ceased operations on 12/31/10, a victim of the economy. Since we were only interested in the list of organizations on the site, and there are still a number of other such sources, this isn't a huge loss.

Page 134 - 100 Best Companies To Work For

The site has added pages for 2010 and 2011; you just edit the URL as the years go by. Using 2012 will eventually work, too.The URLs for 2010: and 2011:

Page 134 – Hospital Soup Facility Finder 

New URL -

Page 145 - Job-Hunting After 35

The article seems to have disappeared, though all I said for this entry remains as true as ever. Here are a couple of similar articles:

Job-Hunting After 40

Selling The Age Advantage

Page 146 - recruitABILITY

At the moment, the site has no content --- there appears to be funding issues. Instead, try their parent organization,