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It is the nature of the Internet that things are constantly changing; obviously, I can't make any corrections to the book itself until the next edition, so any updates or corrections that you should know about will be available through the links below (or as a sub-menu under "Updates" in the menu at left).

By the time any updates or corrections are here on the Update pages, they will also have been incorporated into the proper links pages here on the site, as well as the complete JHOL URLs file available on the Downloads page.


Next Update  - Soon. I hope.

Okay, so I was planning to have the next update ready before we got to March of this year (2012, last time I looked) but other things keep getting in the way.I hate to keep changing the deadline for the next update without actually doing what I said I would, so let's try another approach.

 As you know, there are many, many web sites listed in the book (and thus listed on this site in the Links pages). Since I have been too busy to check every one of them recently, and many hundreds of people are using this web site every month, primarily for the links listed, I'm going to ask for everyone's assistance.

As you use the various links from the book and site, have you run into any that are different from the book description, or that don't work correctly, or don't work at all? It would be a HUGE help to me if you could tell me about any such sites you may find. Just let me know through the Contact Us page --- include the URL, page number of the book (if you know), and a short description of the problem, such as broken link, differs from description, and so on. Besides earning my eternal gratitude, this will help me get a start on fixing any bad links, and get such information out to you and your fellow job hunters much more quickly.

And of course check the New Stuff page to see if I have posted anything new or interesting. Maybe even both.

In the meantime, be sure and check out the last update: